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Full process, high-tech textile manufacturing.

Quality production to meet market demand

We operate one of the most modern mills in the world. The plant is located in Robersonville NC, USA. Our proximity to both cotton fields and the port of Norfolk enables us to efficiently supply yarn throughout the world.

We leverage highly automated processes with minimal manual intervention. Our automated packaging system, measured length packages, and use of Digi winding make our products particularly attractive to the market.

About our plant

Our plant has a capacity to produce 26 million pounds (12,000 tonnes) of high quality yarn per annum, with a count range NE 6-30/1. Our yarn is made with state-of-the-art technology from leading textile machinery manufactures like Schlafhorst, Trutzschler, Electro-jet, and Pneumafil. The complete textile laboratory is from Uster Switzerland.

Our contamination-free yarn is made from US grown cotton lab-tested for staple length, micronaire, tenacity, trash content, and purity. Opening using Trutzschler machines and spinning using the Saurer ACO 8 ensure the highest quality final product possible.

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Quality comes first

We are equipped with state-of-the-art Uster laboratory tools. Our specialists and technicians closely monitor every stage of production from raw cotton to finished yarn. Uster testing instruments crosscheck yarn quality with previous samples to ensure consistent excellence.


  • Samples and technical specifications of all products.
  • Regular and prompt correspondence.
  • Frequent visits to all of our valued customers for personalized service.

Yarns, knits, weaves

  • 100% cotton, open-end, single yarn.
  • Yarn samples for weaving and knitting.
  • Counts range NE 6-30/1 for carded knitting and weaving.

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